Samsung Galaxy S4 news, release date and more rumours

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is only six months old, but that’s a long time in gadget years. Now our gadget-addled minds are turning to what Samsung has planned for its fourth S-series mobile.

Such is the merry march of progress, and as time stands still for no man (or mobile), here’s everything we’re expecting to see from the Galaxy S4, including news, specs and an educated guess at possible release dates.
Android and Samsung enthusiasts should bookmark this page, as over the coming months we’ll be regularly updating it with fresh leaks, images and industry navel-gazing.
Is the Galaxy S4 real?

Samsung hasn’t yet breathed a word about a follow-up to the Galaxy S3, except to deny rumours that the S4 will be coming out in February. The Galaxy S2 and S3 have proved extremely popular however, with Samsung recently boasting that it had shipped 20 million S3 units. In other words, unless Samsung suddenly becomes allergic to money, you can bet your bottom button it’ll be releasing a follow-up next year.

That’s good news, because Samsung’s last few mobiles have been among the best Android phones ever created, with the S2 and S3 both proving worthy alternatives to Apple’s planet-consuming iPhone.
What will the Galaxy S4 look like?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks very different to 2011′s Galaxy S2, with a luxurious curved style that was a marked departure from its blocky predecessor. As such, it’s hard to guess what the Galaxy S4 will look like, but there are a few clues to be gleaned.

5-inch, 440ppi screen?
The 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 has proved popular, so expect to see Samsung increase the display real estate from the S3′s 4.8-inch screen.

Samsung recently dropped a massive hint that an as-yet-unnamed phone with a 5-inch, 1080p display is on the horizon, due to be revealed within the first three months of the year. Samsung’s saying that panel will have 440 pixels per inch, which would beat the iPhone 5′s 326ppi when it comes to packing in the pixels.

‘Unbreakable’ display?
No screen is truly unbreakable of course, not even those hovering shield screens they fight with in Dune, but rumours peg Samsung to be filling the Galaxy S4′s screen with plastic substrate that will battle cracks and scratches, even if the phone takes a nose dive onto your patio.

No home button?
The S2 and S3 have both featured a physical home button underneath the screen, even as other mobiles such as the HTC One X or Samsung’s own Galaxy Nexus ditch a central key in favour of touch-sensitive options.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung keeping existing Galaxy owners satisfied by sticking with the home button, though a recent leaked snap that purportedly comes from within Samsung and shows the S4 is conspicuously lacking a home key.


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