Nokia Lumia 620 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8S: tech spec, colours and features explored

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The Nokia Lumia 620 is set to be the next Windows Phone 8 launch, joining the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 as the entry-level model of the range. Here we compare it to it’s closest rival, the HTC Windows Phone 8S in terms of tech spec, features and colours on offer.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is set to launch in the New Year and while an official price has yet to be announced in the UK, Nokia has said it will cost around $249 USD, before taxes, which would place it around the £160 (inc. VAT) mark here in the UK.

What you need to know about the Nokia Lumia 620

That’s worth bearing in mind when you consider the HTC Windows Phone 8S costs £240 (inc. VAT), as we compare the two devices side-by-side.
Nokia Lumia 620 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8S: Size and shape

Take one look at the HTC Windows Phone 8S and you’ll see a striking similarity with the previous generation of Nokia Lumia smartphones. It’s not just the array of bold and bright colours that are shared between the two, but it looks like the HTC team have been taking design cues from the now classic Lumia styling.

However, with the Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia has continued its softening of the edges and corners of its more entry-level devices, so while you can clearly tell it’s a Nokia Lumia it has it’s own look and style. We love that it comes with interchangeable shells, so you can mix and match the look, while the dual-layer approach is an innovation you simply own’t see elsewhere, and certainly not at this price point.

What’s more, with seven colours to choose from, it puts the colour options from HTC into the shade.

The HTC Windows Phone 8S clearly has an advantage when it comes to size and weight. It’s based around a 4-inch display, so is slighter larger but slimmer with an overall weight of 113g.

It’s not that the Nokia Lumia 620 is heavy, as at 127g it’s a slim and light smartphone. What’s more, while it shares the same resolution display as the 8S delivers, the slightly smaller 3.8-inch display will offer better user experience outdoors thanks to the Nokia ClearBlack filter offering sharper image quality in all light conditions,
Nokia Lumia 620 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8S: Tech specs

Both the Nokia Lumia 620 and HTC Windows Phone 8S come with a 1GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM, so you’ll find they’ll offer great everyday performance running Windows Phone 8. The Nokia Lumia 620 comes with 8GB of internal memory, while the HTC is a little lacklustre with just 4GB.

The Nokia Lumia 620 and HTC Windows Phone 8S both also come with a microSD slot and 7GB of SkyDrive online storage, so saving and sharing files shouldn’t be an issue on either device.

Again, the Nokia Lumia 620 and HTC Windows Phone 8S both come with a 5-Megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED Flash. We’ve not seen HTC develop any apps for its camera, so the Nokia Lumia 620 clearly as the edge here, as you’ll find a host of exclusive camera apps, from Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot to PhotoBeamer and Creative Studio allowing you to get more form the camera on your smartphone at no extra cost.

When it comes to audio experience, the HTC Windows Phone 8S comes with Beats Audio built-in, which is fine if you like you’re music bassy and have a good pair of headphones to match. The Nokia Lumia 620 is fitted with Dolby Headphone, so you’ll get your music the way you like to hear it played.

While we’re talking about music, it’s worth mentioning Nokia Music that comes pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia 620. With access to over 15 million songs that you can listen to for free, any time anywhere with no subscription fee or even login details, music lovers don’t need to go anywhere else for the latest tunes!

Check out the tech spec of the Nokia Lumia 620 and HTC Windows Phone 8S and while on paper they seem to share things in common, Nokia is bringing so much more to the party than HTC currently offers, making the Nokia Lumia 620 the ideal choice for anyone looking for an entry-level Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Check out the Nokia Lumia 620 at Nokia UK

What do you think, looking forward to the Nokia Lumia 620 when it launches in the New Year or will you be opting for the slightly lighter but less impressive HTC Windows Phone 8S instead? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.


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